Warning Signs

Warning Signs and Red Flags for suicidal thoughts:
-Preoccupations with suicide and/or death
(They might think or talk about death a lot)
-Feelings of sadness or hopelessness, often accompanied by anxiety
-Declining school performance
-Loss of pleasure/interest in social and sports activities
-Sleeping too much or too little
-Changes in weight or appetite

Emotions someone contemplating suicide might experience:
-Feeling out of control
-Helpless (feeling helpless right now)
-Hopeless (feeling hopeless about the future)

*If you are experiencing any of these feelings or know anyone who is, please reach and call the hotline, 781-736-TALK, open from 10pm-2am seven days a week. Or call SAMARITANS at 1-877-870-4673 (Adult line) or 1-800-252-8336 (Teen line). We are here to listen.

Warning Signs for an abusive partner:
– Acting jealous and possessive
– Stalking, surveillance of partner’s phone/facebook/other connections to friends/family/outside world
– Isolating partner from friends and family
– Humiliating/putting down partner
– Threatening to harm partner or people close to him/her
– Attempting to control partner: what he/she wears, who he/she sees
– Controlling/restricting finances
– Sabotaging job or education
– Intimidating partner, for example using threatening body language, punching walls or breaking objects.
– Hitting, kicking, or using other kinds of force
– Pressuring or forcing partner to have sex

Someone experiencing partner abuse may be feeling:
– Fear/anxiety
– Depression
– Isolated/alone
– Guilt/shame
– Low self-esteem
– Less interested than usual in activities/classes


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