Emergency Help

If you are currently feeling overwhelmed or panicked, take three deep slow breaths, counting to three within the span of each breath.

Look around and focus on an object in the room that is non-threatening. Change your body position, sit down, stand up, or take a walk.

Find a way to connect with a “safe” person, a family member, a friend, or any person that is non-threatening to you.

Warm things calm us down. Have a cup of tea, take a shower, or even run your hands under hot water.

If you are currently feeling physically unsafe, move to a location in which you feel safe or you are in a position to call for help. Breathe, and call one of the following numbers.

Campus police EMERGENCY line- 781-736-3333
Non-emergency campus police-781-736-5000

In case of sexual assault or immediate need to go the hospital
Call female Lieutenant Riley- 7817364244
Or male Sergeant Kelley- 7817364243

Domestic Violence hotline (REACH)

If you are feeling suicidal


For instructions on how to clear your browser history , please visit http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000510.htm#2

If you have time after deleting your browser history, visit a few websites that would seem non-threatening/non-alarming to whoever it is you do not want seeing which websites you have been to. Examples include shopping sites like http://www.Amazon.com and news site like http://www.AOL.com.


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